About Me

Welcome to CMO Designer Knits - A great source of artistic hand-knitted and crocheted designs and creations!

I am Pamela Carrico, owner, designer, and creator for CMO Designer Knits. I also am the owner of Carrico's Creative Corner, Yarn Shop in the Country.

I began hand knitting to break my bad habit of nail biting and  began sewing because of a couple of wonderful home ec teachers when I was 16 years old. It was then my love affair with fabrics of all kinds began. Art classes in high school and college helped develop my talent with color and texture. Knitting, sewing, and needlecraft of all kinds to create clothing and gifts for my family contributed to the development of my hand knitted and crocheted creations and skills.
In 1978, while living in Kansas, I discovered knitting machines or also called Loom-Knitting. This enabled me to start using yarns I had only dreamed of and to make hand-loomed knit fabrics of all kinds. This led to creating hand-loomed garments and do custom knitting for more than just my family and developing a small market for my knits at craft shows and doing production knitting for a specialty catalog. In 1982, with help from a good friend, Cindy Kiser, and with the inspiration of Pat Higby's book, "PDQ Jacket", I learned to view the knits I made as fabric to be combined with other fabrics, and Quilt-Knit jackets were created. Another friend, Rita Baker, contributed quilted fronts to these creations, also. These partnerships continued until my family and I moved to Bartlesville, Oklahoma in 1987. 

At Bartlesville, I decided to give a name to my line of hand knitted, crocheted and hand-loomed creations and garments and it was "Cherokee Maiden of Oklahoma Designer Knits" (CMO Designer Knits) for my one of a kind unique designs and custom knitting. The name came because I am of Cherokee heritage and my Cherokee grandmother is where my love of color came from,  plus now I lived in the Cherokee Nation and I am a licensed Cherokee artist.

In 1990, another door opened for me when I was in a craft mall in Bartlesville where I saw quilts that excited my color and textural senses.  Thus I found a new quilt designer, Bonnie Eggert. Working together either from the yarn to the quilt or from quilt to yarn, Bonnie and I combined our skills and expanded the styles of "Quilt-Knits" available from CMO from the casual to evening wear. Continuing to explore the world of fabric with customer inspiration, I started some specialty machine quilting of my own to combine to jackets and vests also. As the exotic yarns market grew, so did my design combinations and fabric creations. This inspiration gave me the unique shrugs and shawls I call my Fun with Yarn Creations.

Luxury yarns such as alpaca and quality wool, silks, viscose/rayon, and soysilk also add to the wonderful world of fiber I continue to explore. This has led to custom knitting for some Oklahoma Alpaca ranchers using their yarn from their herds. As always, I am looking forward to the next creation where ever the inspiration comes from. I strive to create “one of a kind” creations, offering an alternative to the mass-produced market, from my jackets, shawls, sweaters to my baby sweaters and blankets.

My family has consisted of Jack, my husband of 40 years, who went home to the Lord in 2007, 2 grown daughters, 2 granddaughters plus 2 cats and a great pryrennee, and now also a flock of chickens. I have knit almost every day for the past 40 some years, except for the six months I took off to make (my eldest daugher's wedding dress in 1992, my youngest daugher's wedding dress in 2000.  Hand knitting and crochet comforted me during the 6 months of Jack's last illness. The Lord has used my love of yarn, fabric and wonderful customers go forth and continue with my hand knitted, crochet and hand-loomed  creations again.

As of February 2013, I was retired from 20 years with ConocoPhillips and Life continues with more doors opening for traveling to new Art/Craft shows in Kansas and Arkansas where I am meeting new customers. This is exciting because I strive to be customer driven and I will be meeting many more inspiring new friends and customers . CMO Designer Knits are available also at my yarn shop, Carrico's Creative Corner. ,my Esty site and this website.